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Traveling Pemba Island

The best way to get to Pemba is by plane.
There are many flight companies that make daily connections from both zanzibar and tanzania.
Pemba Airport is located in Chake Chake which is the capital of Pemba Island.
The most frequent flights are from Dar and Salam and Zanzibar to Chake Chake and vice versa almost every hour.
From Zanzibar it takes about 20 minutes by flight to get to Pemba and from Dar and Salam about an hour.
Airlines to book online:
As Salaam Air
Coastal Aviation
Auric Air
Zan Air
Multiple Flights a Day from 50$ to 110$ one way per person.
Pemba can also be reached by sea.
The boats land in the ports of Mkoani and Wete, one to the south and one to the north of the island.
From 35$ one way per person
By sea it will be possible to reach Pemba from the ports of Zanzibar, Tanga, Dar and Salam

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